Licensing Information

A variety of License options of Version 7 and V6.4S are available to facilitate the use of WAMIT by commercial and educational organizations as listed below:

The V7 and V6.4S executable codes are available for 64-bit Windows and Linux systems.

MultiSurf for WAMIT

The Windows versions of WAMIT can be extended with the option to use MultiSurf geometric models. This option requires licensing of the additional software, RGKernel, RG2WAMIT and MultiSurf. These are products of AeroHydro Inc. PC Executable licenses for these products and maintenance subscriptions can be obtained from WAMIT Inc., either combined with Versions 7 and 6.4S, or separately.

Requests for license agreements, quotes and invoices should be addressed to:

WAMIT, Inc. 822 Boylston Street, Suite 202
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 02467-2504 USA
phone: 617-739-4488
fax: 617-739-4499

Examples of structures analyzed by WAMIT

(for more details click on one of the structures)
Cylinder NavExp Test09 Test 22 Test 25 TLP2ndOrder WitFig6