Demonstration Program

The WAMIT Demonstration Program can be downloaded in .zip format, either as a Windows or Linux executable. The appropriate zipped file should be unzipped after downloading, following the instructions in the WAMIT User Manual, Chapter 2. The unzipped files will include (1) a PC-executable program WAMIT_DEMO, and (2) all of the input files for the standard WAMIT Test Runs, as described in Appendix A of the User Manual.

WAMIT_DEMO can be used with any of the standard geometric data files (test*.gdf) used for the Test Runs except for Tests 11c and 20, where the geometry is defined by MultiSurf. The Windows version of WAMIT_DEMO can also be used for Test Runs 11c and 20, if additional DLL files are installed by downloading MultiSurf for WAMIT. The other input control files can be modified by the user to vary wave periods, heading angles, water depth, and most of the other options and parameters. Except for the restricted set of geometric data files, WAMIT_DEMO is a full implementation of the program WAMIT. The Windows version of WAMIT_DEMO is compiled to run on systems with 64-bit Windows operating systems. The Linux version of WAMIT_DEMO is compiled to run on systems with 64-bit operating systems (running at least kernel 2.6.32 and glibc 2.3).  It has been tested on Centos6, OpenSUSE 11 and Ubuntu 11.10. 

The batch file "rundemo" will execute the standard test runs in sequence. A text editor may be used to modify the input control files. Unlicensed users are not authorized to modify the data in the geometric data files (*.gdf), the parameters defining trimmed waterlines, or the position vector XBODY which specifies the position of each body in a multiple body run.

Instructions for using WAMIT_DEMO are the same as for WAMIT and as explained in the User Manual, Chapter 2.  Instructions for modifying the input control files are in Chapter 4. Descriptions of the standard Test Runs are provided in Appendix A.

By downloading the WAMIT Demonstration Programs you agree to the following restrictions:

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The WAMIT demonstration program downloads as a .zip file for Windows and as a gzipped tar file for Linux.  By downloading you agree to the above terms and restrictions.

Examples of structures analyzed by WAMIT

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